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Well, let's start with those who may not know much about me — it's time to shed some light. :)
So, who exactly is Rea? Rea is a woman who is very happy and grateful to be surrounded by loved ones, pursuing her lifelong passion - photography. 
My first steps in photography are certainly tied to my father, Slobodan, who was a photographer. Even as a child, I loved going to the darkroom with my father. I enjoyed watching the process of film development and the creation of photographs. It all seemed magical. The dim colored lights would alternate, and my desire to not just be an observer grew stronger. I would often accompany my father when he was taking photos, and I felt like the whole world was mine when he allowed me to take a photo "from his hand". As my love and excitement for photography didn't cease, somewhere around the beginning of elementary school, my father gave me a camera and film to finally face it on my own. I took the camera and started searching for my first photograph... since then, I haven't separated from the camera. My father knew how to explain everything I wanted to know in the right way and to teach me the "first steps". I had the honor to further refine my photographic knowledge with the photographer Tomislav Peternek, and I proudly hold a diploma from the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York .
Further education in the field of photography and graphic design has enabled me to pursue photography professionally today...
For those interested, you can also peruse an interview that holds special significance for me.


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