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Hello, today I want to write a little bit about Polaroid. I think that is interesting to know something more about it, because this firm and it`s product caused a real revolution both in the world of photography as well as in the world of art and everyday life. It`s identical to the changes which erupted with the appearance of the first "Kodak" camera in 1888, or small 35 mm camera in the period of two world wars.

One family vacation and one question of 3-year-old daughter asks why she can`t see the picture her father has just taken of her, changed everything. That day, Edwin Land conceives of the instant camera. On February 1947, Land presents the first demonstration of the instant camera, and wows the audience at the Optical Society of America meeting. Next year, the first camera was sold for $89.95 in Boston.

Ansel Adams and doctor Edwin Land felt that the photographs made with instant cameras may be of sufficient quality for exhibiting in galleries as well as to be part of the museum or gallery collections. During the second half of the fifties of the twentieth century Ansel Adams and Edwin Land were seriously entered this idea and started working on the first instant photo collection. Many photographers immediately joined the project. In addition to many authors, significant contribution of instant photography has given Walker Evans. Although started to use Polaroid camera in his late stages of life and work, Evans did about 2500 - color Polaroid photographs, mostly portraits taken on the streets or in the interior as well as old houses and churches. An artist who is definitely at the forefront in the use of this type of photography was Andy Warhol. In his archives there are thousands of Polaroid shots. He mostly photographed friends, celebrities from the world of art and show business and himself in everyday situations.

When Polaroid, in 2008 withdrew from the market a short time has left a great void that the competing companies quickly take advantage. Perhaps one of the reasons for its return in 2010 was the impact of a large wave of retro culture which is still present today, also more and more presence of recognizable square photos with a white border.

Polaroid photographs become popular because of his ease of handling and the speed of developing photos. It was fascinating that you can have a photograph in just a few minutes after shooting.

These photographs have the unique style that can`t be edited or reproduced.

Polaroid carries a special touch of fun that digital cameras can`t provide.

Polaroid commercial

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